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New recommendation: Roaster's Pick, the second

Nothing escapes the roasting master: Even in one of the largest coffee growing regions in the world, Mr. Werner filters out the exceptional beans from an abundance of delicious ones.

Even before the cup with the first Roaster's Pick has been emptied, the roasting master has mastered the challenge of discovering a new treasure for his recommendation series on his latest expedition. With his unerring instinct for excellent coffee, he came across a Yellow Catuai at the Fazenda Cinco Estrelas in Brazil. And he couldn't help but include this intense yet mild coffee in his exclusive special edition Roaster's Pick.

For over two decades, the Bartholo family has been dedicated to the sustainable cultivation of coffee on their farm and has set up a bio-laboratory specifically for this purpose to cultivate bacteria and fungi that naturally nourish the soil and keep pests away. Mr. Werner appreciates this commitment, as well as the natural processing method that ensures gentle drying and careful selection.

At home in his roastery, Mr. Werner continues this care and has highlighted the flavor profile of milk chocolate, roasted almonds and tobacco with loving attention to detail in his drum roaster.

These beans are perfect for an espresso - for example, as a great surprise for the upcoming Father's Day. This is one of the reasons why it's worth securing a portion of this current Roaster's Pick in good time before supplies run out. Because Mr. Werner knows what's special.

Espresso roasting

perfect for espresso, as a base for cappuccino or flat white


Milk chocolate | roasted almond | tobacco

- On request with motto sticker for Father's Day