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"Brewing coffee using a hand filter is a great way to extract all of the coffee's aromas. It also gives you a little break from everyday life. A real treat for all the senses!"

Short description / scope of delivery:

Brewing station
Height without porcelain filter 170 mm
Height including porcelain filter 270 mm
140 mm x 190 mm (WxD)
Capacity: up to 4 cups

Glass jug Trendglas Jena
Capacity: 500 ml
Color: Transparent
Size: 102x 143 x 104 mm (HxWxD)
Material/Cleaning: Heat-resistant glass, dishwasher and microwave safe

Porcelain filter Friesland
Filter paper: size 2
Color white
Capacity: suitable for hand infusion of 500ml
Material/Cleaning: Porcelain, dishwasher safe

Dey Duma roast in a screw-top jar

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The lovingly handcrafted brewing station is a great and convincing overall construction of quality, taste and sustainability. The elegant Herr Werner filter coffee station is made of high-quality, local oak wood. The intelligent stand construction made of durable steel forms a practical holder for filter paper on the back.

For a successful brewing experience

In total, three perfectly coordinated components ensure a fantastic Herr Werner brewing experience: The porcelain coffee filter from the traditional company Friesland guarantees an optimal throughput time and gentle extraction of the coffee. The coffee is particularly aromatic because the short brewing time for hand brewing means that bitter substances are hardly produced. The simple glass jug from Trendglas Jena is a coffee and milk jug in one. Made from high-quality borosilicate glass, it is characterized by its high temperature resistance. The timeless filter coffee stand completes this special set.


Take the glass jug out of the filter coffee station and fill it up to the top with water (= 1 brewing process).

Tip: The Herr Werner screw-top jar contains freshly ground Herr Werner coffee beans for two brewing processes.


Pour the water from the glass jug into the kettle. Heat the water.

Tip: Ideal water temperature 92°.


Insert the filter paper into the porcelain coffee filter.

Tip: Fold the bottom and side grooved edges of the paper filter before placing the filter in the filter holder. The folding ensures that the coffee filter fits perfectly into the filter holder.


Now fill the coffee filter with coffee grounds.

Tip: One brewing process requires about 30 grams of ground coffee. This is about three heaped tablespoons of ground coffee.


Slowly pour hot water in a circular motion from the center outwards until the coffee grounds are completely covered.

Tip: When pouring, start with a small amount of water and wait half a minute until the coffee swells (“blooming”).


Whenever the coffee powder begins to settle, add water using small, circular movements.


Stir the coffee briefly before drinking and then enjoy!