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ORGANIC Product of the Year 2023 - GOLD for Herr Werner Coffee Liqueur Cold Brew

Mr. Werner's passion for breaking habits, thinking ahead to current trends and venturing beyond the comfort zone when roasting has given rise to his distinctive coffee liqueur Cold Brew.

Together with Josef Farthofer from the Farthofer distillery, the roasting master has succeeded in creating a mild, not too sweet tasting coffee liqueur that impresses with deep roasted aromas and a high level of fruitiness.

Now the Herr Werner Coffee Liqueur Cold Brew has been nominated as one of the best organic products of 2023.

Only particularly outstanding organic product innovations that convince through consistent regionality, enjoyable purism and creativity receive the coveted award, which has been awarded by BIORAMA, Bio Austria and Messe Wieselburg since 2018. Mr. Werner's coffee liqueur, which was developed on the basis of cold brew, impressed the expert jury in the categories of innovation, design, sustainability and enjoyment factor.

It tastes just as good when drunk neat as the recommendation to use it as a base for creative cocktails sounds promising. A well-rounded, harmonious and tasty product in a design that is just as tasty. (Expert jury Organic Product of the Year 2023)

Recipe inspiration for Christmas.
By the way, the Herr Werner Coffee Liqueur Cold Brew is perfect for the Christmas season: poured neat over vanilla ice cream, it is the dessert highlight of any Christmas meal. Or for a successful aperitif: simply fill a glass with ice. Pour in 4cl coffee liqueur and 12cl premium tonic water (extra) dry. A fruity slice of orange provides a kick of freshness.

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