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The coffee farmers of Mr. Werner STILLE NACHT roasting

The scent of Christmas coffee surrounds the roasting room. Mr. Werner roasts only the best beans from faraway countries at home in the Salzburg region. The roasting master ensures that the coffee bean is treated responsibly for people and nature throughout its entire journey.

The cultivation. Green hills and coffee trees as far as the eye can see.
Sidamo, Ethiopia. In the middle of natural and indigenous forests that are certainly more than 200 years old, surrounded by rivers that ensure fertile soil, the farm of coffee farmer Asefa Dukamo is located in the heart of the village of Shantawene. This is where Mr. Werner sources the fine Arabica beans for his Christmas roast. At an altitude of 1,900 - 2,200 meters, the coffee trees grow under original and organic conditions. In order to maintain the natural shade and fertility of the soil, various shade trees are planted on the farm. Shade trees are very important in coffee cultivation because they protect coffee and other crops from excessive sunlight. Shade trees also improve water management, biodiversity and also absorb CO2.

The producers. Two brothers and one vision.
As the eldest son of a coffee farming family, Asefa Dukamo helped his parents grow coffee as a child. He dreamed of one day exporting his own coffee directly from his farms. Together with his brother, he founded Daye Bensa Coffee in 2006. Today, the family business owns two coffee farms of its own, works with small coffee farmers from three other villages in the region and has 15 washing stations and four dry mills. Two generations work side by side to plant, care for, harvest and export the washed and natural Ethiopian coffee via global traders. Mr. Werner knows his producers, but has been relying for years on reliable green coffee brokers such as INTERAMERICAN, who import the finest green coffee from selected farms worldwide. Through regular coffee trips to the growing areas, partner importers know and understand the challenges of the respective country and continuously improve the quality. Mr. Werner knows that the best coffee in the world can only be produced in fair interaction with people and nature.

The production. Picked by hand and carefully prepared.
There, in the Kaffa region, the coffee beans are carefully picked by hand and processed wet (washed) in the company's own washing stations. This type of processing ensures that the coffee's original aroma is preserved: a coffee with soft citric acid, a very strong body and a velvety mouthfeel. Fruity notes and a hint of jasmine round off the taste of the coffee. The coffee cherries are later sun-dried in raised beds for 10 to 12 days. Together with the farms of the part-time farmers, the company is certified according to the guidelines of Organic, CAFE PRACTICE, UTZ and Rain Forest Alliances.

Because it's about people.
Working with local farmers is extremely important to Daye Bensa Coffee. The family business provides financial support to the top three coffee farmers each year and awards certificates for a consistent supply of high-quality cherries. Daye Bensa Coffee hopes to work with more farmers in the future, especially supporting female coffee farmers. They also hope to soon work with Hawassa University to support students in research to improve coffee quality.

The roasting. From distant countries, roasted regionally.
The green coffee from Ethiopia is refined in the traditional cast-iron drum roaster at home in Tennengau. Mr. Werner roasts the fine beans slowly and gently with a lot of heart and passion.

"I roast high-quality, fair-trade organic green coffee from the best growing regions by hand and see my job as refining this coffee into fine coffee for end customers and catering customers. The coffee gets all the attention it deserves. Sustainable cultivation and gentle processing are particularly important to me."
Mr Werner

The Herr Werner Silent Night roast is a strong, full-bodied espresso blend made from the finest Arabica and Robusta beans. This coffee composition combines the taste of nougat with fine honey and spicy malt notes. A perfect winter coffee.

Origin: East Africa & India
Arabica & Robusta beans
Available in 250g & 1kg

Limited and only available in winter.

Photos: Mr. Werner Roastery, Daye Bensa Coffee