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Festival roasting

"Each bean is unique, and through artful roasting we reveal its individual story and unique taste," says Mr. Werner.

Every summer, from July to August, the baroque old town of Salzburg provides the perfect backdrop for what is probably the world's most important music and theater festival: the Salzburg Festival . When Salzburg becomes the artistic capital of the entire world, a very special magic returns to the city of Mozart.

For Mr Werner, too, the Salzburg Festival Summer is a special artistic treat. It has almost become a tradition that Mr Werner honors the Salzburg Festival every year with a new festival roast made from organically certified beans . This special edition is intended to commemorate the elegance of the Salzburg Festival and offers every connoisseur a unique coffee experience .

With a lot of patience, experience and curiosity, Mr. Werner composes the perfect festival roast in his roasting room. " Creativity is something that doesn't just concern the arts," says Mr. Werner. For the roasting master, working on the festival roast is an intensive and artistic process. There is experimentation, roasting, brewing, tasting, evaluating, roasting, brewing, tasting... until the taste is delightful and the aromas are convincing.

This year, the roasting master deliberately chose high-quality green coffee beans from four growing countries . Organically certified Arabica and Robusta beans from Ethiopia, Brazil, Indonesia and Uganda bring variety to every coffee cup and harmonize perfectly together.

In order to develop deeper and more complex aromas in the coffee, Mr. Werner roasted using the long-term roasting method, as he does with all of his roasts. Mr. Werner is a passionate roaster. He doesn't rush anything. He takes his time with each bean. This is the only way he can release the flavor potential of each bean and compose a symphony of flavors.

Mr Werner Festival Roast
A special
edition for the festival season!
The roast is suitable for preparation in a portafilter, in fully automatic machines and in stovetop pots.
TASTE: Chocolate, caramel, balanced fine sweetness

Herr Werner organic coffee, roasted in harmony with nature.
Mr. Werner sources only organic green coffee beans. The beans are grown on coffee plantations where sustainable agricultural practices are used to promote soil health, biodiversity and long-term sustainability. Because high quality is essential for a distinctive taste experience.