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Mr Werner visits Joseph Brot Vienna

Mr. Werner is always looking for special places for his coffee. This time he found one at Joseph Brot in Vienna. Mr. Werner is in the Währinger Strasse branch, coffee of the month November with his Maestro Blend.

"Good coffee takes time. First for the gentle roasting and then for enjoying it," says Mr. Werner. Mr. Werner is a passionate coffee roaster. On his worldwide expeditions, he brings the finest beans for his coffee back home to the Salzburg region. In the traditional way, Mr. Werner roasts each bean gently and with a lot of love in a cast-iron drum roaster to give each individual bean its phenomenal aroma and incredible digestibility.

This creates sophisticated roasting profiles with a variety of flavors that have one thing in common: 100% organic, 100% fairly traded and ready to be brewed.

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